Rick Burgess is walking his talk

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 22, 2008

By: BETH CHAPMAN / Community Columnist

“What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.” Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote this quote years ago.

However, it is being made famous today by none other than Rick Burgess, co-host of the Rick and Bubba Show.

Everyone within an earshot of this state heard that Rick’s two-year-old son drowned in the family’s swimming pool a month ago. While we continue to lift their entire family up in prayer, this story is not about their loss as much as it is about the way they have handled it.

When the word first hit the streets and the airwaves, I think Rick Burgess in all of his grief knew that all eyes would be on him. Being a strong Christian man, he knew that the leadership role would be his:

comforting his wife and children, being strong for them and most of all – walking what he has been talking all of these years.

He knew he would have to be responsible, live in faith and walk in the shadow of Christ.

Rick Burgess knew that all those thousands of fans who loved him professionally would be watching him personally to see how he handled this tragedy in his life. They saw how he conducted himself on the highest mountains in his life, now they would be watching to see what would he do in his lowest valleys.

Rick and Bubba are smart enough people (regardless of how crazy they act on the show sometimes) to know that people in general are skeptical of high profile professed believers.

They are smart enough to know that not all of their radio listeners are believers and would also judge God based on how they handled this horrible situation.

On the day of his son’s funeral, Rick Burgess stood strong and did something that most people would rather die than even attempt to do. Rick spoke at his son’s funeral and witnessed to all who heard him.

He walked what he has always talked, giving Jesus Christ glory and honor in even the worst situation.

What Rick did was more than talking. It was a powerful testimony of how great God really is and how much bigger He is than any problem we can ever face – even the death of a child.

It brings me great pride to say that this time the joke is on Satan because Rick Burgess is walking his talk and what he is doing is speaking so loudly that the whole world cannot fail to hear what he says.

Please continue to remember the entire Burgess family in your prayers.

Beth Chapman is Alabama’s Secretary of State and a Shelby County native