D.D. takes K-9 challenge

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 13, 2008


D.D., a 5-year-old 98-pound Rottweiler and her owner, Rose Lehn of

Birmingham, won the owner-and-dog time Breeder’s Choice XTERRA K9

Challenge time trial race with a perfect run in 16.7 seconds.

“This was a really neat event and so much fun,” said Lehn, who won a year’s supply of Avoderm Dog Food from the event sponsor. “D.D. is a working dog and she listens really well. She’s so big that the weaving in and out of those tight spaces was tough, but she did great. I’m really proud of her.”

The competition was playful and downright fun to watch with all kinds of different breeds taking part in the event from Bouvier’s to golden retrievers, and German Shepherds to Australian Cattle dogs.

The course started with a quick sprint and two log step-overs, followed with a fire-hydrant swerving shuffle, then the option of a speed-crawl through a five-foot long narrow tunnel or a three box climb (owner’s choice), and ended with a platform crossing to a teeter-totter cross, and a few final step-overs to the finish