A journey of faith

Published 12:11 am Friday, April 3, 2009

As a 3–year–old Ollie Cotton walked from Collegeville to Rhine Quarters (in Birmingham) to attend his mothers favorite church, Christian Valley Baptist.

By the sixth–grade however, he decided to instead join his father at Bethel Baptist in Collegeville. Most of his friends attended Bethel and there were lots of cute girls –– an extra bonus. Ollie joined the scouts, youth choir and participated in nearly all services available.

Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth baptized Ollie into the faith and under his guidance, Ollie participated in non-violent demonstrations during the civil rights movement.

After high school graduation, Ollie attended Stillman College in Tuscaloosa where he received his bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry. While living and working in Oakland, Calif. he was ordained an elder in Faith Presbyterian Church. In time, he and several friends founded Sojourner Truth Presbyterian in Richmond, Calif.

He ventually met and married Nancy Hunter McGlory. From California the couple finally came to Alabaster and now reside in Lake Forest.

Ollie Cotton is so laidback, so gentle and sympathetic, and so sincere in his caring. He (and Nancy) wear their faith along with a smile. Retired chemist and environmental specialist from Dow Chemical, Ollie is very active in his church and community.

Ollie and Nancy are travelers. China, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Aruba, all across the U.S. and more. They are now planning to travel across the U.S. to California and take an Alaskan cruise, before traveling back across the county. Are you jealous yet

Ollie prays and fervently wishes the citizens of the U.S., and the world, would come together as neighbors and children of God. No more working for Ollie. He wants to travel, be involved in his church and enjoy life.