Polished pedicure

Published 11:49 am Thursday, May 7, 2009

The time has come to crack open a cool beverage as you lounge by the pool, soaking in some rays and relaxing off your feet for a change. But wait –– when is the last time you checked on those tootsies of yours?

Hopefully it hasn’t been all winter, or has it?

More than likely your feet are in need of some TLC and perhaps a new dose of color. Of course the tan is to come, but for now, let’s get to it and prepare our piggys for the summer season they so well deserve.

Pedicure time has officially arrived, and for those of you who are penny–pinching, please note this does not have to include a $25 or more visit to the local salon. You can maintain your toes at home, but for their first summer appearance, you need to take extra time and devotion to ensure their debut receives no bad reviews.

At–home nail kits are available at any pharmacy or large retailer and are a huge help for those do–it–yourselfers or for in between salon visits. I will avoid the nitty–gritty of the process since we all know what needs to be done.

The most important, and noticeable choice for your toes will be your summer polish of choice. Now this should go without saying, but unless your age ends in “teen” avoid any neons, blacks or toe decals. Keep it simple and stunning by going bold in somewhat traditional summer colors. Pink, melon, tangerine, punch, rosy–red, orange–rose, pink–purple, and variations of those colors are always a safe bet. Consider any upcoming weddings or special occasions since these vivid colors are likely to become a statement piece.

Another consideration is the amount of flip–flop wearing you intend to endure. Flip–flops mean your feet will easily get dirty and your polish is more likely to chip. Opt for a darker or more opaque color if you are likely to spend a good amount of summer on the ball fields or at the beach. Lighter colors are likely to loose sheen quickly and will require more maintenance overall.

As you began to purchase your summer sandals, take a look at your child’s crayon box or those paint chips you picked up and start contemplating your tootsies debut color. Afterall, you will want step out into summer on the right (properly painted) foot.