Staying put adds value, saves money

Published 1:20 pm Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Here are the directions for your next vacation, and trust me you won’t need a GPS device to get there.

Just take a right at home and hang a left around the corner.

Staycations are becoming popular alternatives to vacations. With staycations you spend your time around or close to home, yet they offer many of the same elements of pricier counterparts.

Adding in quality time is a universal trait of strong families. Simple, yet equally challenging, it easily can become a dwindling occurrence in any household without purposeful plans in place. Reductions in such family staples as family dinners, vacations and reunions over time can rob families of the fibers that unite them.

Making this time a priority throughout the year, statistically results in stronger, more-in tune households, which generally equals healthier and happier families. Although obstacles exist, options such as staycations offer alternate routes to family bonding.

Consider the following as you begin charting your course to the staycation that best fits your family:

Reflecting on your budget and desires, establish whether you will plan your staycation around the home or extend it to city or state perimeters.

Many gem locations are often found right under your nose! There may be local sites that your family has never or rarely visited together.

Also, there are old favorites that you enjoy over and over. Possible outing venues include local museums, amusement parks, sporting games, zoos as well as traditional parks. In-house activities could involve game nights, movie rentals, competitions and even cookouts.

For most, a staycation allots adequate time for unwinding and rest. It incorporates elements that foster family sharing, enlightment and connecting. Lastly, plans ensure that there’s family fun for all.

Look at and present the family staycation to your family as a great and important time to strengthen and enjoy the family.

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