Pine Mountain developer donates land to Westover for new fire station

Pine Mountain Preserve exists only on paper, but the proposed mega-residential and commercial development is already paying dividends for the town of Westover.

Tuesday night, Douglas D. Eddleman, president of Eddleman Properties, presented the deed to 1.37 acres of property located in what will be the northwest corner of the development, to the town of Westover on which to construct a fire station.

The fire station will be located on Old 280, near what will become a secondary entrance to the development and on property that is located nearest Westover residents at present.

The donation of the property to Westover is “a great opportunity for the city,” said Westover Mayor Mark McLaughlin.

He said the property allows for the construction of a fire station in a location with quick access to Old 280 and Shelby County 55.

Eddleman said covenants for the property allows Westover officials to build a metal building, which will serve as a temporary fire station until a more permanent, brick structure can be constructed.

Pine Mountain Preserve consists of 6,270 acres and, when completed, could include more than 19,500 homes, including a city center that would be home to churches, schools and businesses.

Eddleman said plans to begin work on the development are on hold until economic conditions improve.