Rescues and Runways event hits fashion mark, supports animals

Published 6:00 pm Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nothing could please me more than the combination of pups and fashion; needless to say I was drawn to the Rescues and Runways Fashion Show at Bark in the Park put on by local retailer, maurices (lowercase by their doing).

The event was held early this month and was a huge success in raising both awareness and funds for the Shelby County Humane Society.

Among the many attractions of the day, the fashion show was held under a pavilion at Veterans Park, and featured local models strutting the biggest fashions of the fall with adoptable dogs as their sidekicks.

While the teen girls were excited to flaunt their walks, many of the puppies shied away from all the attention. Everyone there though learned a thing or two about what to wear this fall.

The big look: accessories, layering and denim.

Scarves proved to be a simple accessory addition that can add color and flair to your ensemble.

At maurices, you will find the hot fall accessory for around $12, which is far from breaking the bank. Purses are also a fundamental accessory for fall attire.

The fashion show featured large, oversized bags with visible hardware and in fun materials like faux crocodile. Purses at maurices retail for $24-$28.

Layering was a big feature of the show, and a great idea for cold Alabama mornings and warmer afternoons. Lightweight jackets and vests were paired with layered tees and camisoles to give a transitional look.

My favorite –– a faux fur vest that retails for $39. The chic addition gives the look of luxury in a pet-friendly way.

The last essential of the show was the denim. A peep into any teen’s closet will reveal a plethora of denim, but crucial for this season will be darker washes paired with pumps to give a polished look, as well as a trouser cut denim which can often be worn to work.

Maurices carries well-known brands like Silver and Vigoss in addition to their store brand, which retails for $29.

While accessories, layering and denim are a huge focus for the fall fashion season, adopting a dog from the Shelby County Humane Society also makes for a fabulously fashionable way to welcome the fall season.

After all, the pups now have a whole world of fashion all their own.

Maurices is located in the Alabaster Colonial Promenade, and can be found online at

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