Cheers for managers

Published 8:39 pm Sunday, November 15, 2009

The managers, or water boys and girls, are the unsung heroes of the football season.

There’s no cheering –– though there should be –– when these energetic youngsters run back and forth across the field with their bottles of water and towels, ready to give the players a badly needed drink. Only those close to the game recognize the importance of this little support team.

“These managers play a vital role,” said Montevallo High School Coach Mike Reynolds, “That requires just as much commitment as the football players. We have a good group of managers. They are always on time and on top of their jobs.”

With proud smiles on their faces, managers Alisha Glover, Kathryn Ray and Tristian Yancey recently explained what they do and how they feel about it.

Glover enjoys traveling with and eating the pregame meal with the players. Ray said they prepare the Gatorade and water and they have to be sure there is a good supply of fresh towels and mouth pieces. Loading and unloading the equipment is another important part of their job. Yancey’s on the field taking care of things during the games and all of the practices.

“It is hard work,” he said. “Especially during practices, but it’s lots of fun, too.”

All of these managers had praise for Todd and Kari Burr, who prepare the delicious homemade pregame meals for the team. The managers also expressed great appreciation to Dogwood Grove Baptist Church for sponsoring the meals.

MHS played the last game on their 2009 schedule on Nov. 6, but the three young managers are already looking forward to spring training.

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