Recognizing true Christmas spirit

Published 2:06 pm Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I met Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus this past Saturday — or perhaps better said, I met a pair of Christmas angels.

We’re not talking about the sort of Santa Claus who wears a red suit this time of year or the sort of angel that helped George Bailey gain perspective in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

No, these people were the real thing upon which those fictional characters are based.

Last week, a friend contacted me asking for help in giving toys to needy children for Christmas.

He and his wife had purchased toys for kids of all ages and wished to make certain the toys got into the hands of local children in time for Christmas this year.

They wanted to do so not for the purpose of any accolades it might bring (this was made clear by their desire for their gifts to be donated anonymously) but simply to bring joy into the hearts of those less fortunate.

A quick call to The Salvation Army in Alabaster confirmed 30 children from their Angel Tree still needed to be adopted this year.

As we met Saturday morning to make arrangements for getting the toys to the children, I was overwhelmed with the couple’s generosity. Hundreds of toys, from remote controlled helicopters to Disney princess watches, fully loaded their truck, exactly the sort of toys children dream about finding under the Christmas tree. Many more than the 30 children still in need of adoption will benefit from their donation.

With the hustle and bustle of the season, it’s easy for many of us to lose sight of how many people here in our community need our help.

Thankfully, not everyone has forgotten the true meaning of Christmas and the simple truth that it is indeed much better to give than to receive.

These two very special Shelby Countians made a difference in the lives of so many children this Christmas. And they did it for all the right reasons.