A perfect boot for every woman

Published 10:35 pm Monday, December 21, 2009

When it comes to fashion this winter season, one item tops all the others in stylish attire –– the boot.

Whether short or tall, heeled or flat, you see this fashion staple everywhere. For the inexperienced shopper, picking the perfect boot can be daunting. Should you go snug or loose, tall or short, black or brown?

When it comes to a boot that is suitable for everybody, Amber, a sales associate at The Wright Shoe in Alabaster, provided some useful advice.

“When you pick any shoe, think sensible, think practical, and most importantly think comfort,” Amber said.

If you don’t normally wear heels, steer clear of the gorgeous three and a half inch BCBG Girls boots at The Wright Shoe. Retailing for around $78, these are the perfect boot for the stylish gal who is often wearing a skirt, even in winter months. Paired with stockings and a knee-length skirt or dress, the boots are warmer than they look and still look appropriate for work.

For the woman on the go, the ever popular Ugg-style boot is a good choice.

Whether catching a movie with friends or running errands, the fur-lined boot provides warmth without the fuss of a heel. Cobblestone Shoes in Pelham offers the standard Ugg-style boot by Bearpaw for $59.99.

“This is our most popular boot,” sales associate Ashleigh said. “We have sold it to more grown women than teens, which is surprising.”

For a jazzed-up version of the boot, Cobblestone also offers an embezzled Yellow Box version.

The great thing about these boots is they can be worn over skinny jeans or with a casual dress.

The title of “most versatile boot around town” though is awarded to the black and brown Volatile boots called Kita Rita at The Wright Shoe.

These scrunched boots afford their wearer the choice of pairing with pants or skirts as well as being dressed up or dressed down.

They provide the comfort of a normal Volatile shoe along with the fashion sense to pull off the perfect winter look.

Jessica Vance can be reached by e–mail at jvance86@hotmail.com.