Angels unaware lend hand

Published 4:38 pm Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life can change in a blink of an eye or a trip of the feet.

On Wednesday, Feb. 10, I fell crossing Main Street walking back to my office after an errand. My next memory is pain — extreme pain. I had fallen, could not get up, and did not know what to do.

The next thing I hear is — “It’s Phoebe!”

Because my neck is fused, I cannot tilt my head up to see who was calling my name. Two concerned angels knelt beside me: Holli Argo and Susan Dennis, whom I know from the Shelby County Arts Council.

They immediately saw I was hurt and took over. Dennis had parked her car in front of me so that I would not be hit in the intersection. Argo sat with me on the ground, talking calmly to me while Dennis called 911.

I was so embarrassed. I tried to make light of my predicament, but I simply could not move.

Others stopped to assist me. Martha Kennedy, Linda Major, and an unknown man asked if they could help. Everyone treated me with such kindness. In a few short minutes, the Columbiana police the paramedics and RMS ambulance team were surrounding me.

Suddenly, I was being lifted by four pairs of strong arms into the ambulance off to the emergency room at Shelby Baptist.

I never have been picked up by four men. I have never been in an ambulance.

Police Chief Raymond Vick stayed behind to wait on my husband to tell him which hospital I had been taken.

After X-Rays in the ER, I learned I had shattered my kneecap in four pieces.

I have had surgery, my left leg is in an unmovable brace, and I cannot move or put any weight on my knee for six weeks. My new best friend has become my walker.

As I sit in my hospital room with my laptop reminiscing on the last few days, I feel so blessed that I live in Columbiana. So many people were my angels, unaware of the impact they made on me during a time of hurt and shock. To live in a community of such caring people is something I will never take for granted.

You do not have to look far. There are angels among us.

Phoebe Robinson is currently resting at home she can be reached by e–mail at