Alabaster Arts Council donates leftover shirts to Haitian relief

Published 3:48 pm Monday, March 8, 2010

With Travis Tritt signed on as the headliner for Alabaster’s CityFest 2010, the Alabaster Arts Council is gearing up for this year’s event, which means cleaning out everything from 2009.

In cleaning out everything from last year’s event, the Arts Council decided to donate all the leftover T-shirts to the earthquake relief effort in Haiti.

A group from the Church of the Highlands, working with the organization Youth With a Mission, will be traveling to Haiti March 11 and will deliver the shirts.

“One of our members on the Arts Council was approached to see if we had anything we could donate to help the upcoming mission trip,” said Alabaster Arts Council President and City Council member Adam Moseley. “We were just happy we could donate some of our extra shirts from over the years to people who are in true need of just the basics.

“Truly, at this time, a shirt on their backs is more than some have in Haiti due to the earthquake,” Moseley added. “With the enormous need in Haiti, the Alabaster Arts Council felt honored to contribute the CityFest apparel to earthquake-ravaged Haiti.”