Red carpet evening at HMS

Published 3:46 pm Monday, May 10, 2010

Eighth graders at Helena Middle School strolled the red carpet into a special evening of festivities at the Eighth-Grade Banquet on April 23.

Dinner, dancing, decorations and bright lights, as well as ticket sales, were coordinated and provided by PTO volunteers. More than 60 parents attended, but the students themselves were the stars of the evening.

“I wasn’t originally planning on going to the banquet, but I did and I had a grand ole time,” said Blake Poljacik.

PTO President Lisa El-Feraly said the eighth-grade banquet was a huge success.

“I am very grateful for the hard work from our PTO. Cam Ward did great emceeing and I am very appreciative of the support from our parents, sponsors, and the teachers and faculty,” said El-Feraly.

Teachers comprised a series of honors for the Class of 2010. Twelve students received the Citizenship Award: Shelby Duffy, Lydia Cobb, Colby Hand, Emily McAbee, Austin Roberts, Valerie Richards, Abby Summerlin, Cassie Burnett, Holly Giang, Emma Holsombeck, Alison El-Feraly and Cokie Palmer.

Receiving the Outstanding Student In Subject Area awards were: Math — Nevin Koshy, Katelyn Sprouse and Hunter Savage; Science — Akeivia McFarland, Blake Dunaway and Shannon Compton; Social Studies — Sarah Morris, Deja Murray and Madison Garcia. English — Dana Moore, Breanna Baker and Kirsten Wood; Literature — Makenna Downs, Andrew Givan and Ashley Williams; GRC — Austin Moore.

Students also voted the following special designation to their teachers:

-Mrs. Bozeman: Craziest Teacher

-Mr. Floyd: Smartest Teacher

-Mrs. Huguley: Tallest Eighth Grade Teacher

-Mrs. Jenkins: Best Wardrobe

-Mrs. Roberts: Queen of the Stars

-Mrs. Rogers: Best Story Teller

-Mrs. Vanderford: Best Gum Catcher

-Mrs. Worthy: Best Rapper

“The eighth-grade banquet was a wonderful night. I’ll never forget all the memories of having fun with my friends and being all dressed up,” said Tristin Sharp.

The following students were named Most Dedicated: Krista Shirley, Juan Quijada, Emma Pruitt, Tiara Watkins, Taeler Holland, Devantae Edwards, Matt McGinnis, Julia Orcutt, Kristian Foster, Brittany Seagle, Will Hill, Jase Goodson, Kyle Renfroe,Brittany Walters, Erin Landa and Bethany Stith.

The following students were named Most Enthusiastic: Micah Miller, Josh Fleagle, Justin Goodwin, Devon Mines, Javier Canales, Amber Williamson, Addison Loveless, Coryghan Hunter, Lauren Bass, Alyssa George, Blake Poljacik, Nathan Gaskins, Trey Evans, Josh Woodard, Alexys Tracy and Aja Bell.

HMS PTO extends a special thanks to Loading Dock South in Helena for donating the red carpet and to Sharon Wilkins, HMS CNP, for her help during the evening.

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