Recycling for the rest of us

Published 3:51 pm Friday, May 28, 2010

With the go-green movement in full swing and a new county-wide curbside recycling initiative, it seems like everyone in Shelby County is ready to do their part to help the environment, but how can people utilize the curbside recycling program if they don’t have curbs?

The simple answer is: they can’t. However, the county offers several easily accessible resources for people who live in alternative residences, like apartments or college dormitories.

“The only way to make recycling work is to make it convenient for everybody,” said Shelby County Environmental Manager Robert Kelley.

Shelby County currently has recycling bins at four locations: Harpersville, Herdmont Park, Columbiana and Helena. Residents can bring their recyclables to these centers and sort them out into their designated bins.

The Montevallo recycling center is another important step in making recycling convenient for everyone in the county.

The University of Montevallo recently closed its on-campus recycling center when it became so inundated with recyclables that it was overflowing. The newly constructed Montevallo recycling center on Spring Creek Road has the capacity to handle far more cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminum and glass.

“Eventually we hope to work with the university to get a recycling bin in every building up there,” said Montevallo Mayor Ben McCrory.

In addition to driving their recyclables to a center like the one in Montevallo, individuals who live in apartments can speak to their landlords to ask about hiring a private company like WastePro to leave a recycling bin in an accessible area for them.

“We don’t do contracts, just call us and ask us to come pick up your stuff,” said V Adams, a representative for WastePro. “And when you don’t want us to pick it up anymore, just call us and say ‘come get your bin.’”