Republican Primary recount under way

Published 3:07 pm Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shelby County’s recount of the Republican primary ballots is well under way at the Sherriff’s training facility in Columbiana.

“You can expect just about anything,” said Freddy Ard, chairman of the Shelby County Republican party.

Shelby County, unlike some other counties, is using trained poll-workers rather than volunteers.

“I decided early on that using trained poll-workers will preserve the integrity of the voting process,” said Jim Fuhrmeister, Shelby County probate judge and chief election official.

The recount will cover every ballot counted originally as well as any ballots that may have not been counted for any reason.

Tim James’ campaign is footing the entire bill for the recount.

“We estimated the cost at $7,000 and he sent us a check for $7,000,” Fuhrmeister said.

Poll-workers were sworn in at the beginning of the re-count, taking an oath not to discriminate against any candidate for any reason.

Fuhrmeister also said each polling machine is certified in working order and will deliver accurate results.

The recount in Shelby County is expected to last approximately three to four hours.