Ken Davis offers comic relief

Published 4:33 pm Monday, July 26, 2010

“Humor is a gentle way to send a message,” said Christian comedian Ken Davis to a large crowd at Southeastern Bible College on Valleydale Road. “If we cannot find joy in the midst of trouble, we are most pitiful.”

The auditorium overflowed with families from all economic levels, having one thing in common: experience with a troubled teenager.

Davis, a best-selling author, is one of this country’s most sought-after inspirational and motivational speakers. Recently, he came to support Safe Harbor, a Christian organization dedicated to restoring families of rebellious teens, in a Beacon of Hope fundraiser.

With rib-tickling quips, Davis took jabs at the airline industry, himself and his own marriage.

Then he became serious.

“If there’s a solution, I want it to make sense,” he said. “This ministry is unique, and makes sense.” Davis experienced three hours of terror on a mountaintop in the Rockies when his young granddaughter was literally lost in the forest. His story revealed the type of pain experienced by parents with teens lost to drugs, alcohol or other illegal behaviors. “It only takes one wrong friend. A child can change overnight,” he said.

There are many places to rehabilitate rebellious teens nationwide, but none with the success record of Safe Harbor. Local troubled families had no one to turn to, until the ministry was formed. Now they’re planning to expand the model across the country.

Safe Harbor was begun as a support group for couples having troubled teens. Today, 750 families have been served in the Birmingham area. Their “Refuge” includes support groups, coaching for families, guidance and mentoring teens. Education and promotion of the ministry in churches, the legal system and schools is necessary to locate needy families. Prayer is the key factor setting this ministry apart. Safe Harbor leaders believe without prayer, nothing changes.

Interjecting comedy with a message, Davis explained healthy family dynamics. “Good families disagree, but still love one another at the end of the day,” he said. “Saying ‘I love you’ heals. The power of the love of Christ is the answer to every problem.”

Many legal and clinical professionals support Safe Harbor ministry. If you would like to donate funds or volunteer services call (205) 981-0995 or see the Web site at for relevant facts, like how to spot a teen in trouble.