Alabaster theater surprisingly fun

Dear Editor,

I yell at my television every Saturday of the fall season. I’ve been known to drink milk from the carton and take shots of whipped cream just for fun. I spit sunflower seeds. I am a typical red-blooded Shelby County native. I am not a literature expert. I prefer Jeff Foxworthy to Shakespeare.

That’s why I am so surprised that I now enjoy South City Theatre.

South City Theatre is our community showcase for homespun talent.

It is for the common man. Performances are more likely to be “Tom Sawyer,” “The Odd Couple,” or Agatha Christie than people wearing tights and singing in other languages.

Comedies and “whodunits” are commonplace.

Cookies and sodas are sold and allowed in the theater (made with movie theater-style padded seats). Longer plays have intermissions. Your neighbors are often the performers.

It was my teenager that led me to it (the children can always lead us if we will listen). This wonderful place teaches kids the fine art of theater. Not Shakespeare, mind you, but comedy, stage fighting and self-confidence, among other things.

How then did I miss the obvious treasure hidden almost directly on U.S. 31 in Saginaw? I didn’t.

I saw the signs often at the junction of Shelby County 26, but never went in.

I didn’t know tickets were between $7-$15, a bargain for a live show. I didn’t know they weren’t wearing tights and singing in French.

I didn’t know I could both laugh and cry within five minutes.

Philip Powers