Splatter screens ease kitchen cleanup

I know there’s a chance some of you may actually not be interested in this useful tool.

But, splatter screens — or ‘guards’ as they are sometimes called — are an important kitchen tool.

As I explained during our recent Indoor Grilling class, for the better part of my life I have lived in apartments or condos where I had no venue for outside grilling or barbecuing, so indoor grilling became second nature.

Needless to say, splatter screens are an indispensable component of this cooking technique.

But, I am getting ahead of myself.

A splatter screen is simply a flat, see-though screen that’s fitted in a frame with a long handle.

It sits on top of your skillet (or saucepan) and catches grease that may go flying where you don’t want it to go – i.e. your stovetop, counter top or silk blouse.

The safety feature of the splatter screen shouldn’t be ignored, either.

It could help to prevent possible burns from flying grease.

Having said all of this, a splatter screen is not just a great tool for catching grease that comes from frying. I also love it for catching and trapping bubbling tomato sauces and curries.

Splatter screens should be a good inch or so wider than the diameter of your pan so that they sit securely; some have little “feet” that prevent them from slipping off even if they slide around.

We carry two sizes, 13” (the most commonly used size) and 15.”

Splatter screens come in a variety of materials from stainless steel to enamel steel and aluminum to silicone.

Usually, all are lightweight. My preference is stainless steel.

I like that it can go straight from the stovetop to the dishwasher.

Susan Green is the owner of Birminham Bake & Cook in Inverness. You can reach her for more tips at 980-3661.