Action belongs on field

Even though it’s the start of football season, there’s been a lot more action off the field than on the field for Spain Park High School.

After Spain Park head football coach David Shores was accused of being involved in a physical altercation with a player Aug. 24 and subsequently swiftly put on administrative leave, Shores struck back, saying he was “shocked and disappointed” with the situation, did nothing wrong and expects to be reinstated as head coach.

The drama continued as Spain Park athletic director Gena Morris announced her retirement Aug. 28, largely in reaction to the “inappropriately handled” investigation.

Spain Park officials, along with Hoover City Schools administrators, need to dig in and work hard to get this investigation finished quickly yet fairly.

Both Shores and the student in question deserve a thorough, unbiased investigation that goes through the proper channels.

It’s disheartening that Morris was not involved with the investigation — as Spain Park athletic director, she should certainly have played a large role.

Each day that passes by without a resolution for this situation is detrimental, not only to the persons involved, but to the Spain Park football team and the school community at large. It’s time to end the drama and get the action back on the football field, where it belongs.

We Say is the opinion of the Shelby County Reporter editorial board.