Things not always as they seem

Dear Editor,

It has occurred to me that many people around the Calera area tend to turn things into animal control without having significant reasoning or information. I am the caregiver to a horse in Calera, and I have had to battle Animal Control on two occasions due to uneducated complaints.

The horse I have is 35 years old and as any educated person would understand, the horse is thin. The horse is under complete vet supervision, she takes 24 pills a day as well as other medications, and she is on a diet that requires her to eat 15 pounds of food a day, with added vitamins.

She definitely requires a lot of attention, and this is attention that passers on the road cannot witness.

I completely understand concerns about any thin animal or any animal that appears to be neglected, but please do your homework first.

Horses that have green pastures, shade and water cannot starve to death. Horses do not require grain feeding, it is something that humans have created for them.

Horses that look thin and neglected but have pasture land, fresh water and plenty of shade are more than likely old horses who are unable to absorb the nutrients as well as younger horses. However, older horses are often just as loved and cared for as younger horses.

Savannah Crumpton