Local hosting event to bring it back home

Dear Editor,

Did you know in our state, no matter who we elect to local or county government, all, or most of the power is vested in the state legislators?

These local elected officials are bound to go to their particular state legislators to get anything done.

The home rule authority lies with our legislators, not local elected officials. That’s why there have been so many amendments proposed, and some passed, each election, to allow local governments to do what they need to do.

But there is no consistency across the state. Since 1901, there have been more than 800 amendments passed to create the most unwieldy state constitution in our country, and the longest in the world.

Do you ever wonder why the whole state votes on things that pertain to a specific locality, but it’s not in your county, or municipality? Honestly, if you’re like me, you don’t really know enough about it to make an informed choice.

Some legislators represent parts of more than one county. Think about mayors, or county government officials, competing with other municipalities for that legislator’s favor.

No wonder Alabama has earned a reputation for political corruption.

Since the legislature only meets for three months, once a year, with a loaded agenda, no wonder things happen in Alabama so slowly.

It does not have to continue this way.

We do not have to keep Alabama limited by a dysfunctional document that doesn’t serve us well in the 21st century.

On Tuesday, Nov. 9, I am hosting an event to tell people more about a non-partisan educational program called “Bring It Back Home” that will be implemented in all 67 counties in Alabama, by end of next year.

There’s nothing to buy and no obligation to participate further.

“Bring it Back Home” offers the opportunity for our friends and neighbors to get in the know and become more informed about issues concerning the 1901 state constitution and the historical context of its adoption.

My home is in Greystone Founders at 1084 Greymoor Road. The meeting will start at 7 p.m.

If you plan to attend, please reply to Tan Crochen at tancrochen@gmail.com no later than November 6.

Mindy Boggs