PHS Gay-Straight Alliance sees problems

Dear Editor,

I am a senior at Pelham High School. I am the editorial editor of the school paper. I have an issue in my newspaper class.

Recently some friends and I started a Gay-Straight Alliance at our school. I am a member and I wanted to write a story about GSA for our paper.

Yet, my advisor never lets me and does not allow us to write an article including anything that even refers to homosexuality/homophobia, therefore we are prohibited from writing an article on GSA.

The members of GSA have already been bullied here at school. Other students are threatening the members and have threatened to come to meetings to protest.

By not being able to put information in our own newspaper I feel helpless to reach out to anyone. I do not know how I can tell people out of the school about it, nor do I know how I can reach out to my fellow students that are against it.

We started GSA to stop anti-LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered) bullying, and now it’s just worse. I feel like I can honestly relate to the African-American students to first integrate in white schools.

Jordyn Boutwell