Tips for sending meaningful holiday cards

Published 2:34 pm Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hallmark estimates that 1.5 billion cards will be sent during the Christmas holiday this year. With so many options available with photo cards, eCards, cards with sound, etc., sending a card is not as simple as it once was. Here are a few tips to help you make way through the multitude of choices of sending holiday wishes to family and friends.

Decide when to send a card: Many people are opting to send a “Thanksgiving” card instead of a traditional Christmas or Hanukkah card. Happy New Year versions are also gaining in popularity for those who wish to emphasize a new beginning or because they simply ran out of time during the hectic holiday season!

Paper or eCards: The cost of postage and the card itself may play into the decision of sending an eCard versus a paper card.

There are many sources to send an on-line card like or Most are free, easily personalized, and can even be “future delivered.”

Choose the message: Determine whether the card will have a professional tone thanking them for their business or a more personal message of family and events.

Make it personal: For a paper card, hand sign your name and their name (Hi Charlie) even if both are already preprinted. Write a short, personal message in addition to a family or business letter, and always include the date on the card.

Schedule a time to do the cards. While there are many shortcuts like using preprinted mailing labels, they don’t get done magically. However you chose to send a holiday greeting, make the time to get it done.

When you change your thinking from another task that has to be completed to enjoying the connection with family and friends, you will find sending a holiday card is fun and fulfilling not only for you, but for the person receiving your good wishes.

Remember, it is not how you send a smile, it is the fact that you sent one that matters the most.

Lisa Phillips, owner of SimpleWorks, can be reached at 981-7733 or by e-mail at