Election Day speaks volumes

In the recent general election, the Republican Party made unprecedented gains throughout the State of Alabama.

This is the result of a voter turnout that was significantly higher than many of us anticipated; in Shelby County our turnout exceeded 60 percent of active registered voters. Election Day was a rainy day in Shelby County and I am very proud that we had such a high turnout.

We all are indebted to the many poll workers who spent long hours at the precincts so voters could participate in the election process.

These public servants take time out of their daily lives to attend poll worker schools, set up the precincts and then put in at least 15 hours on Election Day for the benefit of all of us who want to vote. They receive very little pay for their efforts; their primary motivation is public service.

I spent Election Day going from precinct to precinct offering support and assistance to the poll workers as needed. I was proud, but not surprised, to find that they were assisting voters in a pleasant and professional manner. As problems arose, they helped voters so that every registered voter had the opportunity to cast a ballot.

It was my honor to administer the oath of office to the Shelby County legislative delegation on Nov. 7 at the American Village. The day started with a prayer service in the Chapel and culminated with the administration of the oath in a ceremony in Liberty Hall.

As I participated in this great day, I thought about how fortunate we all are to be citizens of this great democracy. We all have our opinions about how our government should run and about the issues facing our local, state and national governments.

The beauty is we can express those opinions at the polling place. Our country is the greatest nation on earth because we are governed by the people and for the people. I extend my sincere thanks to all of the poll workers who play such an important role in our democracy.

Jim Fuhrmeister is the Shelby County Probate Judge.