Shakes put freeze on Killers in youth basketball league action



Frostie’s Shakes put a brain-freeze on the Killers, 28 to 13. The Shakes were led by Emily Robinson with 14 points and 21 rebounds, Meredith Johnson added 7 points, Kendra Shaw grabbed 10 rebounds, and Charity Miller led the offensive attack at point guard before a broken ankle ended her season late in the 3rd quarter.

The Dynamite defeated the Surge 11 to 7. The Dynamite was led by Carly Ann King with 5 points and Katelyn Bevard was a force on defense. The Surge was led by Allie Coyte with 4 points, Jordan Price had 8 rebounds, Cydnee Goodwin accumulated 7 steals, and Sarah Kober played good defense.


The Dynamites blew up the Bullets, 30 to 21. The Dynamites were led by Sarah Goodwin with 15 points and 4 rebounds, Zoey Jones played good defense, with Angel Mallory and Caliyah Laughlin providing valuable minutes and hustle. The Bullets were led by Dayli Wood with 10 points, Janie Pennington added 7 points, and Peri Clark had 6 rebounds.

The Pink Survivors won 13 to 10. They were led by Madison Purcell with 5 points, Gracie Driskell had 4 rebounds, and Kiley Pierson anchored the defense.


The Battlecats clawed the Magic, 33 to 16. The Battlecats were led by Heath Garrett and Sam Suarez with 14 points each, S. Suarez led in rebounds with 14, Jonathon Brown had 5 steals, with Emanuel Suarez and Jordan Benson playing hard and hustling. The Magic was led by Dovaris Kelley with 4 points, Trey Sullivan and Jonathan Seale had 6 rebounds each, with A.J. Cloe and Alex Driskell playing hard on both ends of the court.

The Bombers were led by Mikey Hallman with 10 points and Cameron Morris was a defensive stopper.


The Troopers arrested the Argonauts, 29 to 12. The Troopers were led by Jaylyn Wilson with 16 points and 13 rebounds, Jake Borden was a force on defense, Drake Carden hustled, and Q. Sawyer showed tremendous effort. The Argonauts were led by E.J. Johnson with 6 points and 7 rebounds, Camden Roulier was perfect shooting free throws, and Deonta Cotton played hard the entire game.

The Crushers won 31 to 21. The Crushers were led by Jo Jo Joiner with 17 points, Brett McKinney was the top rebounder, Colby Blythe was a stopper on defense, and Cole Jefferies hustled and played hard.

The Swish defeated the Diamondbacks. Jesse Jones had 7 points, Tyler Hayes grabbed 10 rebounds, and Trent Sullivan chipped in 5 points for the Diamondbacks.

The Terminators were led by Chadwyn Russ with 10 points, Chip Nash had 9 rebounds, Tucker Dunnaway was a defensive stopper, along with Zac Noland and Patrick Killingsworth providing hustle and good effort.


The Hawks eeked out a victory against the Blazers, 14 to 13. The Hawks were led by Eli Jones with 6 points, Riley Lewter had 4 rebounds, and Bailey Beadlecomb played hard and hustled. The Blazers were led by Nathan Bates with 5 points and Christopher Smith with 4 rebounds.

The Disco-Swish won 19 to 16. The MVP for the Disco-Swish was Will Morris, Justin Humphries was aggressive on defense, with Trevon Griggs and Chase Jones getting steals at the end to solidify the victory.


The Heat burned the Warriors, 22 to 12. The Heat’s leaders were John Paul Fox with 5 points and 2 rebounds, Isaiah Stamps grabbed 7 rebounds and added 8 points, Tanner Faulkner was the top scorer with 9 points, and J.T. Pennington was a force on defense. Tucker Lansford, Cory Abbott, and Noah Harper played with great effort for the Warriors.

The Hornets stung the Rockets, 21 to 12. The Hornets were led by Jon Michael Gay with 11 points, Landon Lawrence added 7 points, Matthew Pearson grabbed 5 rebounds, and Delaina Johnson played hard on both ends of the court. The Rockets were led by Mike Vickery with 3 points and 2 rebounds, Ethan Price, Tyler Wakefield, and Logan Carson hustled and played well.

The Couch Potatos were led by Alyssa Seale with 9 points and 6 steals, along with Alexa Couch and Jayln Jones grabbing 4 rebounds each.

The SCYBL would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. League play will resume on Jan. 1.