Bentley makes us proud

Monday, Jan. 17 will be a historic day for Alabama and for Shelby County.

On that day, Columbiana native son Dr. Robert Bentley will be sworn in as Alabama’s 53rd governor and as only the second ever from Shelby County.

We at the Shelby County Reporter are proud to have Dr. Bentley leading our state and representing Shelby County. We are confident he will do an excellent job accomplishing the goals he spoke of during his campaign — creating jobs, growing the economy and creating more transparency and accountability in our state government. Throughout the entire campaign season, Dr. Bentley stood firm on his values and principles — experience that will serve him well during his time in the governor’s mansion.

We wish Dr. Bentley good luck during his inauguration day. Undoubtedly, numerous Shelby County residents will be there to celebrate his win with him. We hope the inauguration ball is incredibly enjoyable and that Dr. Bentley is able to take the time to fully appreciate his accomplishment and the enormity of what’s being asked of him.

Then, the next day, we hope he gets up, rolls up his sleeves and goes to work for Alabama in the best way he knows how.

If Dr. Bentley can reach all the goals he has set forward for himself, his tenure as governor will be a successful one indeed, and his legacy in Alabama history will be set forever.

Have a great day on Jan. 17, Dr. Bentley. Make Shelby County proud.

The We Say is the opinion of the Shelby County Reporter editorial board.