Shakes blow up Dynamite in youth basketball action



Frostie’s Shakes blew up the Dynamite 17 to 9. The Shakes were led by Sarah Goodwin with 8 points, Emily Robinson had 15 rebounds, Meredith Johnson and Alexis Mallory had 3 steals each, Charley Clark was a defensive stopper, and Emily Johnson added some valuable minutes.


The Argonauts were steam-rolled by the Crushers 31 to 13. The Argonauts were led by Chase Glover with 8 points, Mitchell Kines added 3 points, Camden Roulier had 7 rebounds, Deonta Cotton played good defense, and Austin Wilder hustled on both ends of the court.

The Terminators won 26 to 3. The Terminators were led by Chadwin with 8 points, Bronson had 9 rebounds, and Zach picked up 5 steals.


The Couch Potatos stung the Hornets 15 to 9. The Couch Potatos were led by Jaylyn Jones and Quinton Hill with 5 rebounds each, Andrew Noe and Alyssa Seale combined for 10 points, Alexa Couch directed the offense, and Braylyn McGlaughlin played great defense. The Hornets were led by Delaina Jones with 2 steals and 2 rebounds, with Ryan Jones playing good defense.

The Rockets defeated the Wolves 17 to 14. The Rockets were led by Joel Pennington with 8 points, Ben Marling had 13 rebounds, and Harrison Blinkard played good defense. The Wolves were led by Damien Portis with 5 points, Hanna Moore had 4 rebounds, and Evan Joiner played good defense.


The Battlecats lost their game. They were led by Sam Suarez with 10 points and 7 rebounds, Johnathan Brown added 6 points, and Heath Garrett played good defense.

The Bombers were defeated in their game. They were led by Adam Landefeld with 9 points, Mikey Hallman had 7 rebounds, Addison Couch picked up 3 steals, and Cameron Morris played good defense.


The Bullets upended the Pink Survivors 23 to 10. The Bullets were led by Dayli Wood with 13 points, Ashlyn Seale had 9 rebounds, with Peri Clark and Janie Pennington adding valuable minutes. The Pink Survivors were led by Katelyn Lucas with 7 points, Anna Martin led in rebounds, and Gracie Driskell played good defense.


The Hawks swooped the Lightning Bolts 22 to 10. The Hawks were led by Riley Lewter with 9 points, Bailey Beadlecomb had 6 rebounds, and David Vick hustled on both ends of the court.

The Disco Knights got another victory. They were led by Dawson Humphries with 15 points, Justin Humphries and Chase Jones scored 9 points each, Will Morris had 8 rebounds, and Jordan Morris picked up 2 steals.

The Warriors were led by Peyton Lawrence with 6 points and 5 steals, Larz Belfanz grabbed 8 rebounds, and Tucker Lansford added 5 points.

In defeat, The Heat was led by Tanner Falkner with 6 points, Jessup Lodge got 6 rebounds, and John Paul Fox played good on defense.