Music always brightens school days

Published 1:21 pm Friday, January 14, 2011

Music teacher Cindy Woodham is all smiles seeing her students perform.

By KENNEDY TOBERT / Community Columnist

Currently Cindy Woodham is the music instructor at both Wilsonville and Vincent Elementary School. Amanda Smith is usually the instructor at WES and is out on maternity leave. While the students have missed her, they haven’t lacked on further developing their music skills as Woodham dedicates her time to motivating them each day.

Wilsonville Elementary School has students who genuinely love and enjoy music. Just before the holiday break they performed, and the fifth graders began leading the entire school in singing.

They performed a few different Christmas carols for half an hour one morning, including “Jingle Bells.”

Woodham described the songs from WES’s most recent performance, saying, “I wanted it to be a little special so I chose ‘Jingle Bells’ that has the partner song in the school curriculum. It’s cute, I think!”

At VES, Woodham’s students put on a huge PTO program called “December is a Time for Love.” The program consisted of six different songs with narration between each one.

The students also enjoyed having the chance to perform using a new instruments called Boomwackers.

“They are tuned tubes that can be struck on any surface for playing.  They have done a wonderful job learning to play it!” Woodham said.

The students also used other instruments like rhythm sticks, bells, sopranos and alto xylophones, along with a CD while singing and playing to ‘Jolly Old St. Nicholas.’ Not only did they sound great, but they looked amazing as well — all matching wearing red and green shirts with Santa hats.

“I’m very proud of them to be able to learn all of this so quickly,” Woodham said.

All Woodham’s students went home proud after showing off their spectacular performances, which parents and teachers all enjoyed, and are looking forward to seeing again.

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