Morris enjoys building beds

Volunteers Doug Morris and Herschel Hale (L-R) stop a minute to discuss the progress of their early-morning bed-building task. (Special/Catherine Legg)

By CATHERINE LEGG / Community Columnist

On a recent Saturday morning, we heard, coming from a local woodworking shop, the noisy racket of grinding drills and stacking wood, accompanied by boisterous laughter and loud chatter.

We found 19 volunteers inside who were thoroughly enjoying their work and each other’s company.

The jovial atmosphere, however, masked a very serious undertaking — that of building beds for some of the clients of the Oak Mountain Mission in Pelham. Thirty folks will sleep better because the people working in that shop understood their plight and wanted to help the Mission provide these necessities.

The project began when, two years ago, Doug Morris received a call from the Mission asking him to make the 10 beds required for some mattresses that had been donated to their agency. Since that time, Morris and his friends have made beds as they were needed.

Fifteen double-decker frames were built Saturday, bringing their grand total to 50. The sturdy bed frames are constructed of 2”x4” and 2”x6” white pine and bolted together with steel fasteners.

Looking around the workshop, it was easy, and not surprising, to spot many of the familiar faces we often see working on volunteer community or church projects. Herschel Hale, Gordon Fancher, Don Hughes, Ed Czeskleba, Charles Scarborough, Dr. Terry Sutton and David Birdsong were all there; as were the Rev. Douglas Walker, Clyde Greer, Vic Turner, Bill Evans, Dwayne Bice and Bob Dunn; in addition to Steve Willingham, Jerry Haynes, Jimmy Bice, Derrick Garrett, John Ellison and Morris.

The workers had come in early and were welcomed with a hot breakfast served by Walker and Carolyn Morris.

“Most of us have been doing volunteer work for many years,” said Morris, “and I feel, and I think we all feel, that working on a task like this, one that helps local folks, is most gratifying and rewarding.”

Morris emphasized their appreciation to the American Legion Post 96, who donated the funds for the materials, and to Fastenal and Lowe’s who were very helpful with their fine service and quality materials. He also explained that they appreciated Cooper B-Line, a supplier to Mayer Electric, who donated the structural steel.

For more information or to volunteer services, call Morris at 665-7062.

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