Don’t let government bully you

Dear Editor,

People, surely you do not think that Shelby County is such a finely run machine that they could not operate on less money.

Here’s the plan: first of all, we need to vote no on this 30-year extension of the 30 mills. Don’t be so concerned, the current tax is still in effect for six more years.

As a result, our county can come back to us in a few years asking for a more reasonable tax, maybe 20 mills for five years maximum.

They, like all government, need to get used to less than a source of income for an unlimited time, and they need to learn to get by on less. How many of you have a 30-year guaranteed source of income?

Finally, don’t let your county government buffalo you.

Remember a few years ago when they were whining about if they didn’t get a certain tax increase, the library system would be shuttered?

Well, the tax failed and they eventually dropped the bluff and the libraries managed to stay open. There’s always fat in every business, and much more so in every level of government.

David Jones