Terminators top Argonauts in youth basketball playoffs



In Thursday night action, the Terminators ended the season for the Argonauts, with a 25 to 16 victory. The Terminators were led by Chadwyn with 10 points, Chip and Mitch had 6 rebounds each, with Zac picking up 6 steals. The Argonauts were led by Mitchell Kines with 12 points and 10 rebounds, E.J. Johnson had 4 points and 6 rebounds, with Camden Roulier and Jacob Walton playing good defensively.

The Terminators made it to the finals with a 22 to 19 victory on Saturday. They were led by Chip with 9 points, Mitch had 7 rebounds, Zac picked up 2 steals, and Chadwyn played hard on both ends of the court.


Frostie’s Shakes slaughtered the Killers, 30 to 18. They were led by Emily Robinson with 8 points and 12 rebounds, Meredith Johnson and Kendra Shaw scored 7 points each and combined for 7 assists, Alexis Mallory had 6 points, Emily Johnson added 2 points, and Angel Mallory had 3 steals.


The Blazers sparked to beat the Hawks, 32 to 29. The Blazers were led by Jacob Howard with 12 points, Ethan Stevens added 5 points, Nathan Bate had 8 rebounds, and Tanner Colvin had 4 steals.The Hawks were led by Eli Jones with 12 points, Riley Lewter scored 8 points, Kaden Cardwell had 8 rebounds, and Bailey Beadlecomb played good defense.


The Dynamites are in the finals with a 41 to 13 victory. They were led by Sarah Goodwin with 18 points, Anna Goodwin had 6 rebounds, Olivia Marling was a defensive stopper, and Taylor Wakefield hustled.


The Rockets blasted the Couch Potatos, 28 to 17. The Rockets were led by Joel Pennington with 16 points, Mike Vickery scored 5 points, Harrison Blinkard had 8 rebounds, and Ben Marling picked up a steal. The Couch Potatos were led by Alexa with 7 points, Quinton scored 5 points, Alyssa had 7 rebounds, and Jalyn got a steal.

The Hornets won 25 to 10. They were led by Landon Lawrence with 14 points, Jon Michael Gay had 9 points and 3 assists, with Matthew Pearson getting 5 rebounds.