Citizens do not agree with council

Dear Editor,

Having observed the actions of the government of the town of Vincent during the last two years, the majority of the citizens of Vincent do not agree with the direction the government has taken.

In an effort to make the government more representative and to allow the citizens the opportunity to decide the course the town will take, we have respectfully petitioned that the town clerk instigate a recall election for the mayor and four council members.

There is no animosity or malice intended by the citizens of Vincent, and we certainly hope that none is taken.

This is simply democracy in action and we hope that no one takes it personally. We are just trying to protect our property.

Naturally, the mayor and town council have ignored us yet again. Quoting from the article in the Shelby County Reporter, “McAllister said, due to the misinterpretation of the statute, the council has NO RESPONSIBILITY (emphasis mine) to respond. Nothing happens now,” he said. “We are proceeding on and moving ahead.”

The mayor must be living in a dream world. In the same article he said he “believes the town council made the correct choices concerning the quarry.”

“We are disappointed that some of the citizens feel that we are not doing our job. We feel like we are,” he said.

I wonder why he thinks so, when more than 30 percent of the people who voted for him want him to be recalled?

The town attorney and the League of Municipalities represent the town, not the citizens. They cannot make decisions of court.

The ultimate decision is for the courts, not attorneys representing the parties.

It should not have been necessary for the citizens to recall the mayor and four council members. If they had listened to the citizens, it would not have happened. It should not be necessary for the citizens to go to court, but alas, it seems that we will have to.

In my opinion, the laws of the state of Alabama should be administered equally. If it applies to Dothan, it should also apply to Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery, Vincent and every municipality in Alabama.

Charles Cantrell