Indian Springs to revise sign ordinance

By AMY JONES / Associate Editor

INDIAN SPRINGS — The Indian Springs Town Council will soon consider a revised sign ordinance for town businesses, Mayor Steve Zerkis said.

Zerkis said an updated sign ordinance is long overdue.

“Very simply, the current sign ordinance is old,” he said. “It was written back in the day when you saw flashing signs and signs with light bulbs around them. Things are a lot more modern now, and those signs are not covered.”

Zerkis said the ordinance will cover LED signs and other electronic signs. Although there are no signs in Indian Springs currently that use such technology, Zerkis said the town council wants to be prepared.

“It’s just to make this (ordinance) a lot more modern,” he said.

Birmingham-based contractor Hatch Mott MacDonald is currently developing a sign ordinance, which will go to the Indian Springs Planning and Zoning Commission March 21 for review, Zerkis said.

The town set a cap of $5,000 for work on the ordinance, but Zerkis said he expects the town to pay less than that.

The current sign ordinance regulates sign sizes, sign locations and how many signs an individual business can display, among other considerations, Zerkis said.

The revised ordinance will also address businesses with two visible sides, such as businesses on street corners. The current ordinance only refers to businesses with one visible side.

“It’s a work in process right now,” Zerkis said. “We’re probably a month or two away from actually returning it to the town council.”