Business owner defends Panyc

Dear Editor,

This concerns a letter you published Feb. 19 concerning Panyc restaurant not being all it appears to be. I agree with the writer’s concerns, and if what she describes is true, I would not want my teenager attending their events.

However, as a small business owner, this letter is very disturbing. First, did the writer first go to the ownership of Panyc to discuss her concerns before writing this letter?

Second, did the Reporter give Panyc an opportunity to respond in the same issue? As a businessman, I realize that my reputation with customers can make or break me.

Also, I recognize the important role of adults in our community to look out for one another’s children. However, businesses can be hurt, even destroyed, if anger motivates this kind of letter, and the writer and the publication medium are not careful to make sure all facts are brought out.

Warren Hamby