Bishop a blessing to Pelham High School

Jane Bishop with Georgia Nolen, Blake Menke and her daughter Briana Bishop. (Special/Connie Nolen)

By CONNIE NOLEN / Community Columnist

“Briana brought home the info about the New York City trip. It sounds like fun. Are moms allowed to go?” Jane Bishop wrote in an email to me when both of our daughters were PHS seniors.

I was just beginning to plan our New York City trip, and I was thrilled that the Bishop girls wanted to go.

Agreeable and fun-loving, both Briana and Jane Bishop would be great traveling companions.

Our trip was amazing. We saw the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and the New York Public Library.

We rode the subway and went to Greenwich Village to see the home of famous authors.

We toured MSNBC and saw interns writing for the news. We even saw the Saturday Night Live sound stage.

Jane Bishop said later, “I loved the whole trip, but my favorite part was getting to know everyone better — especially Jordan Perrin.” Jordan Perrin had health issues that made walking New York City difficult. Bishop linked her arm through Jordan’s and said, “Jordan walks at my speed. I’ll walk with her.” Encouraging others and making them feel at ease was Jane Bishop’s gift­ — and she gave that gift away constantly.

Leaving New York proved difficult.

Heavy air traffic delayed our flight causing us to miss our connection.

After an unexpected night at the Memphis Airport Holiday Inn, a ticket agent said our morning flight was overbooked, and two of the kids would have to stay behind.

Immediately, Jane Bishop volunteered to take the later flight.

“You have to stay with your students, but you can leave Briana with me. Don’t worry. We’ll be fine,” Jane said. I hated leaving the Bishop girls in Memphis, but they retold that day as a grand adventure.

Last week, Jane Bishop passed away suddenly at the age of 44. At Pelham High School, Bishop was a constant presence.

As Brett Burnett’s administrative assistant, she was welcoming to everyone who entered the football field house doors.

Bishop was the lady behind the PHS football emails.

She was the ultimate baseball fan for her sons and colorguard chaperone extraordinaire for her daughter.

Jane Bishop leaves behind husband James, daughter Briana and sons Michael and Andrew, along with family, friends and coworkers. In keeping with her generous spirit, Bishop blessed several organ and tissue recipients with a second chance at health when she left this world.

Jane Bishop soars with the angels now.

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