Rayfields dedicated to family and community

William and Dorothy Rayfield have been married 61 years. The couple enjoys birdwatching from their Harpersville home when they’re not busy serving the community. (Special/Linda Malone)

By LINDA MALONE / Community Columnist

The saying “behind every great man there is always a great women” is exemplified in the Harpersville community through William and Dorothy Rayfield. This couple is one of the pillars of the community.

Mr. and Mrs. Rayfield met in their youth and fell in love in a cow pasture, where a social event was being held for the young people of the community. They have been together 61 years since then.

Mr. Rayfield said, “My wife is truly my backbone and the reason for my most meaningful successes in life.”

They are the proud parents of four productive children and four grandchildren. All of this is the result of a stable home environment.

Mr. Rayfield currently is a Harpersville city councilman. He has been on the planning and zone board for approximately 10 years, and he sits on the water board for Harpersville.

Interestingly enough, his first term on the City Council and the water board was in the ‘60s, and he’s still doing great things for the community.

Mr. Rayfield grew up on his father’s farm in Harpersville and has never strayed too far from home. He is an ordained minister with past service at Trinity Church, Providence and Klein Baptist Church. He said that he retired from the ministry, but is still very active in his calling. His call is and always has been “to reach out to people that have a need, spiritually and materially” and try to fill those needs the best he can.

He’s an Alabama fan, but supports Auburn, as long as they are not playing Alabama. He and his lovely bride still travel and enjoy fishing, local high school basketball and football games.

The couple also enjoys bird watching. Mrs. Rayfield has many bird feeders and houses for our beautiful creatures of nature.

Mr. Rayfield still has big dreams for Harpersville and plans to see them happen in his time. One of his major dreams, along with Mayor Perkins and the entire City Council, is to see a local grocery store built suitable for the Harpersville community. He is truly a man of vision and wisdom.

Mr. Rayfield will celebrate his 81st birthday November 18, and I am sure that we all will be invited to the celebration!

Happy birthday to all of our April babies in the Harpersville community.

Linda Malone, the community columnist for Harpersville, can be reached at Malo2211@bellsouth.net.