Shelby County Schools superintendent wins technology award

Published 4:54 pm Monday, June 20, 2011

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Shelby County Schools Superintendent Randy Fuller was recently awarded for his work advancing the technology of Shelby County schools.

Fuller received the Marbury Technology Innovation Award for Central Office Leaders June 15 at the Alabama Educational Technology Conference in Birmingham, according to a press release.

Fuller was nominated by Shelby County Technology Coordinator Susan Poling.

“Mr. Fuller has embraced technology as a means to research and communicate ideas and information, and to deliver services to Shelby County Schools’ stakeholders,” Poling said.

Some of the technology initiatives and accomplishments listed in Poling’s nomination include the establishment of a 21st Century Committee and a year-long technology-focused professional development study for more than 200 system administrators.

Fuller established the 21st Century Committee to set goals, develop strategies and promote 21st century teaching and learning techniques. The effort resulted in upgrading more than 500 classrooms with equipment, helped to increase administrators’ overall understanding of the students’ technology skills and increased frequency, quality and variety of technology integrated in the classroom.
Fuller was instrumental in the creation of the My Future Project website for high school students in conjunction with regional work force development. He established the My Future Project committee, which is devising new opportunities for students to set life goals.

Fuller also made technology a strong priority in the school system’s strategic planning and Continuous School Improvement (CSI) processes.

“Mr. Fuller invited all school technology coordinators to participate in the system’s annual Continuous School Improvement event in order to add technology integration expertise to each school’s strategic planning,” Poling said. “He serves on the 21st Century Goal Action Team and sees value in students using their own technology at school and is helping to ensure policies are compatible with such use.”