Property owner angry over water pipe problems

Dear Editor,

Residents of Columbiana, beware! You might be interested to know that if you have the sewer back up into your home, and the problem originates in your neighbor’s yard across the street and over 60 feet from the edge of your property line, that you will be responsible for the repairs and the expense connected to the repairs!

Our final bill was almost $1,200!

According to the plumbers we spoke to about the situation, the city did not install the water pipes properly with gravel under them to keep them from shifting if the ground settled.

We contacted the city first, then the plumbers. Once the plumbers found the problem was across the street on the neighbor’s property, we contacted the city again.

The plumbers talked to the city,and a crew was dispatched to dig the hole in the neighbor’s yard.

I understand about easements, but how can we be held responsible for problems over 60 feet from the edge of our property line at 212 East Sterrett Street and only about 50 feet from the neighbor’s house?

This is ridiculous and so terribly irresponsible of the city to expect the residents of Columbiana to pay for their inadequate installation of the water pipes.

Mr. Hilry King, city planner and public works director for the city of Columbiana, told us, “We are very pleased that we were able to assist your plumber in the repair of your sewer lateral last week. We do however regret that we cannot reimburse you for the work that the plumber did on your private line. The city maintains the main sewer lines throughout the system, and the property owners are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the service line from the residence to the tap.”

However, we would not have these issues and unnecessary repairs more than 60 feet from our property line if the pipes had been installed correctly by the city!

Pamela Raines

Albany, Ga.