LGTB community active in county

I have been a long-time faithful reader of the Reporter, as I have lived in Shelby County most of my life.

My letter is about the Lifestyles section.

It regards and chronicles my concern that, no matter what you choose to put in it, it’s really all the same lifestyle: the conservative Christian perspective.

Not that that’s bad, and I know that you fear exposing your teen and child readers to any other point of view, and for good reasons.

But what about actually including the growing amount of alternative lifestyles that are in Shelby County, constantly being ignored?

Of course, I know and understand why you omit us, but there are many people in the Shelby County LGBT community whose stories and perspectives are not being heard.

I wish that wrong could be righted. I know we are in the Deep South, the Bible belt, and I respect that fact.

But I stand up for those being ignored by what passes for a reputable daily news source. I stand up for those with amazing lives and courage, despite the constant judgment and hatred of our Alabamian neighbors.

Even if my request is denied, it would still mean a lot to many people to actually see this bold request in the actual paper itself, where opinions could be formed, more papers bought as it’s discussed in every walk of life.

Not long ago, it was African-Americans fighting boldly for respect, rights, and equality. Now it is the LGBT community.

Be brave, editor. Have the gall to let your readers at least decide, and to see the overwhelming response to this by not only us, but our families and friends, who support and believe in us.

Be bold, friend. And who knows what your bravery could do for those being ignored and judged? As always, I write with love and hope, not anger, not hatred. Godspeed, dear editor.

James Rodehaver