Columbiana UMC’s Discovery Weekend a success, youth minister says

Published 3:39 pm Monday, August 8, 2011


COLUMBIANA – A youth event last weekend at Columbiana United Methodist Church went “better than we could have planned or imagined,” the church’s youth minister said.

The church held “Discovering God’s Love Through Scripture” from Friday, Aug. 5 to Sunday, Aug. 7.

About 45 kids ranging from sixth grade students to high school seniors attended the event.

“It was fantastic,” said Drake Roberts, the church’s youth minister.

The youth students arrived Friday at 7:30 p.m. The creation account from Genesis was the main focus Friday night, which was “more of an active and fun night overall,” Roberts said. The night included an interactive video telling the story of creation.

“We had a good time goofing around,” Roberts said.

Throughout the night, the younger students got the chance to interact and get to know the older students.

“You’re building up the junior high as part of the body of Christ,” Roberts said.

On Saturday, the theme turned from creation to forgiveness. Five speakers spoke on the theme throughout the day. There were also funny skits and videos, all of which were well received, Roberts said.

Saturday’s events culminated with a service at night. The service was attended by parents of the students, most of who didn’t know that their parents had been previously invited to the service.

“It was a chance for these families to come together and pray over all the kids,” Roberts said.

Saturday ended with a pool party.

For Sunday, the focus was on forgiving others and yourselves.

“Through gaining God’s forgiveness, we all learn to forgive each other and ourselves,” Roberts said.

It was a great weekend for Roberts, who has been the church’s youth minister for two months.

“To see that we’re already able to do so well and have such a successful weekend as far as spirituality, I’m honored that I am able to be a part of it,” he said. “I was just blown away by the effectiveness of the community that came in and helped make this happen.”