Mayor Graham speaks to Calera Chamber of Commerce

By Brad Gaskins / STAFF WRITER

CALERA – As Calera continues to grow, the city has seen a rise in the number of inquires it receives from businesses looking to locate there.

Most recently, within the last week, a “big box store” retailer has shown interest in locating to Calera near Interstate 65 and U.S. 31, Mayor Jon Graham said Tuesday afternoon in a speech to the Calera Chamber of Commerce.

Graham said he wasn’t at liberty to disclose the name of the retailer.

“It looks like we’re having more inquires,” he said.

Graham said the city has met “a half dozen times” with a developer interested in opening retail outlets across from Publix.

Speaking about the city’s gas department, Graham said the city isn’t planning to sell it to Alagasco. He said Alagasco first approached the city about the idea.

“We went through the process with Alagasco to come and assess our gas systems,” Graham said. “At this time, it doesn’t look like it’s prudent for the city to sell the gas department. My charge to the gas employees at the city is ‘let’s maintain it and make the best of it.’”

Speaking about the budget he will soon present to the city council, Graham said: “Sales tax revenues continue to hold their own. We’re not quite making budget as far as sales tax revenues, but we’re real close and not far behind. I’m pleased with that.”