Band tower doesn’t deserve negativity

Dear Editor,

In regards to the gentleman from Pelham who questions the new band tower at Shelby County High, please, please get the facts before you write such a letter.

Had you taken the time to do a little research, you would have found out that such a project was, in fact, approved by the Shelby County Board of Education, as well as the fact that this tower was designed by an engineer.

All height and safety requirements were met and approved by all required personnel.

As a parent and band booster club member, I am proud of this new tower and how it benefits our award-winning band.

Every band parent that I have spoken with feels the same way. We can’t understand why anyone would want to criticize the wonderful efforts of an Eagle Scout and the school who benefited from his hard work.

I see it as nothing more than petty jealousy. If it were nothing more than concern for the safety of the students, why not get the facts before making such negative statements?

If your concern is so great for our students, call the school as well as the board.

They will be more than happy to set the record straight.

Anita Roper