Tax money should go to schools

Everyone will remember the Oct. 17 meeting of the Alabaster City Council for the council’s decision to form an Alabaster school district separate from the Shelby County School System. However, that’s not the only important thing the city did at the meeting.

The city also ensured funding for the school system by raising the city sales tax by 1 cent, which will generate about $320,000 per month for the new school district.

Last week, some council members said they would consider using some of the revenue from the additional penny sales tax for other projects, such as library upgrades or road projects.

At the Oct. 17 meeting, the council voted to have all money generated by the extra 1-cent tax placed into an education trust fund, which we believe is the right decision. Forming a new school district is not an easy task, and the new school board will need as much money as possible at their disposal.

Also, putting all the extra money towards the new school district shows the Alabaster City Council is totally committed to this decision. That commitment is essential, since the decision to form a new school district directly affects all Alabaster citizens, whether they have school-age children or not.

This decision will determine the legacy of each person who today serves on the Alabaster City Council.

As long as Shelby County School System officials and the new Alabaster school district officials have educational opportunities for the children of Alabaster as their focus, the split between the two systems will no doubt be amicable. We hope in the end, this decision means the children of Alabaster have the opportunity for a better education. After all, isn’t that what all the fuss should be about?

The We Say is the opinion of the Shelby County Reporter editorial board.