God won’t remove you from his list of favorites

By DARRYL WOOD / Guest Columnist

“Hello,” I spoke into my cell phone. No response. Finally a voice asked with a confused stammer, “Who is this? Karen?”

Obviously it was not Karen. But the caller was unsure who answered a phone she thought belonged to Karen.

This caller, a member of the church of which I am pastor, began to apologize when I identified myself. Actually I was not surprised by the call. This nice lady has called me by accident on other occasions. Her explanation? “Your name is next to my daughter’s on my ‘favorites’ list.”

This time she promised to remove me from her list of favorites. I’m not sure if I should be pleased or offended.

Apparently I was “favorite” enough at one time to get on the list. Now she’s vowing to take me off.

You may come and go as the “favorite” of other people. Never fear, however, you always remain God’s “favorite.” Moses sought that favor when God called him to lead the people of Israel through the wilderness. Moses expressed willingness if God promised to go with them.

The Lord assured Moses, “‘I will also do this thing of which you have spoken; for you have found favor in My sight, and I have known you by name.’” At that point God entered Moses’ name in his “favorites” list to stay.

Your name may come and go in some address books. Acquaintances grow distant. Some relationships get stale. Business contacts change. You may get “deleted” by some people. God, however, never drops you from his list.

That ought to lift your spirits. The Lord’s got your number. He knows your name. And when he calls, it’s no mistake.

He’s not confused when you answer. Just be willing to listen closely for his special ring. You are His “favorite.”

The Rev. Dr. Darryl Wood is pastor of First Baptist Church of Vincent. You can reach him at dwood132@bellsouth.net.