Travel through Bethlehem in Wilton


WILTON – The members of Wilton Baptist Church are working busily to complete their fifth annual Night in Bethlehem experience.

“It’s grown each year, and it’s added to each year. This will be the biggest year and the most nights,” said Pastor Greg Sellers.

Visitors can walk through the transformed church Dec. 15-18 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. The walk takes people through the “true story of the birth of Christ all the way through the story of the resurrection,” Sellers said.

“We want to share the true meaning of Christ coming to earth and what it means to us,” he added.

Youth groups are invited to attend on Wednesday, Dec. 14 to participate in the hands-on experience. Registration is required for this night.

“We have about 75 people in the service each night working it,” Sellers said. “It’s been a tool for unity and a great opportunity to share the gospel with our community. We’ve seen in the last couple of years each year been about 2-300 folks. We’re expecting 4-500.”

Sellers said the walk takes about an hour, depending on the person’s interest, as the majority of the experience is self-paced.

“At the end, we’ll have hot chocolate, coffee, cookies, and that’s where we talk to them about what they experienced and answer any questions they may have,” Sellers said. “We’ve had people that really didn’t know, and a lot of folks grew up here and know at least part of the story. Some church folks come and know it quite well.”

For more information about A Night in Bethlehem, visit or call 665-1406.