New senior center deserves a chance

Dear Editor,

Recently the senior center bus was filled to capacity — we had one seat empty, and there are others that arrived in their own cars.

When the Health Department building gets done, the naysayers of our age group will be beating at the doors, wanting to be participants in the senior program!

Just like at First Baptist when we voted to give the church a new fellowship hall, parlor, kitchen and offices, there were some folks who said “no.” But they now enjoy the new areas and programs.

The new senior center is not just for the seniors that are thought of as “a few” — it’s for those who will be entering the programs when they reach our age. They will then be proud of the new center and its location.

So give it a chance to grow, reach out and serve. Then, if anyone were disgruntled, that would be the time to speak up. The grant has gone through, the building will be redone and our city will be proud!

Lyla Norris