Survivor appreciates Novella Club care

Dear Editor,

The Cancer Survivor Dinner, hosted by the Novella Club of Columbiana on Oct. 17, was a big hit with all the survivors.

The entertainment was great, as was the dinner, but the main attraction was the generosity and thoughtfulness of the women of the Novella Club. Many would ask, “Why would they sacrifice their time and hard work to put on a dinner and show for a bunch of cancer survivors?” To this, there is only one answer: “Because they care.”

I also must add that they do all this hard work with a smile on their faces, and I assure you, this was greatly appreciated by all of us.

A good deed in today’s world doesn’t always get the recognition it truly deserves, so I would like to say, “Thank you to each and every one of you who made this such an enjoyable evening, and most of all, for helping when you did not have to help and for caring when you did not have to care.”

Tom Edwards