Shelby County youth basketball league tips off


The Shelby County Youth Basketball League tipped off the 2011-2012 season last weekend. Here are results from action in week two:

·         In Division 2, the Sweet Heat defeated Marling’s Team 26 to 18. The Sweet Heat was led by T.J. McGinnis and Aalliyah Cotton with 9 points each. Skye Lilly was the top rebounder, Max Kearley played good defense, and Emmalee Smith showed good effort. The top scorer for Marling’s Team was Riley Lewter with 7 points.

·         The Bulldogs cooled the Heat, 22 to 13. The Bulldogs were led by Chase Jones with 14 points, Kaden Cardwell was the top rebounder, Jack Glover was a defensive star, with Joel Pennington and Evan Joiner providing valuable minutes. The Heat was led by Lars Belfanz and Eli Jones with 4 points each, Coleman Byers had 6 rebounds, and Damien Portis showed great effort.

·         In Division 1, the Eagles doubled up the Road Runners 16 to 8. The Eagles were led by Paci Clark with 13 points, Jaxson Stinson got 3 rebounds, Blake Jennings had 2 steals, with Peyton Long, Bobby Fryer, and Cason Jefferies playing hard the entire game. The Road Runners were led by Collin with 5 points, Bella had 6 rebounds, Jackson had 3 steals, with Cooper and Savannah providing valuable minutes.

·         The Falcons edged the Sharks, 20 to 16. The Falcons were led by Chase Benson with 8 points and 5 rebounds, with Grant Gurganus providing a stellar defensive effort. The Sharks top scorer was Christopher Brasher.

·         In Division 3, The Heat beat Sullivan’s Team, 28 to 18. The Heat was led by Colby Blythe with 10 points, Chase Franklin led in rebounds, Chadwyn Russ was the top defender, and Judson Raia played good on both ends of the court. Sullivan’s Team was led by Trent Sullivan with 5 points and E.J. Johnson added 4.

·         The Rough-Riders rode past Carden’s Team, 27 to 25. The Rough-Riders were led by Chip Nash with 14 points, Mitch Nash had 10 rebounds, Brock Phillips and Coby Games were defensive stoppers, with Bradley Thomas and Bailey DeShazo playing hard and hustling.

·         The Running Rebels defeated Steven’s Team, 22 to 12. The Running Rebels were led by Brayden Brooks with 9 points, Andrew West grabbed 9 rebounds, with Caleb Jinright and Matthew adding valuable minutes.

·         The Terminators outlasted the Swish, 35 to 31. The Terminators were led by Conner Davis with 13 points. Wes Hyde, Craig Sims, and Bronson Britnell had 8 rebounds each, with J.C. Parker being the defensive stopper with 9 steals. The Swish was led by Mitchell Kines with 15 points and Austin Lucas with 23 rebounds.

·         In Division 5, the Honey Badgers defused the Dynamite, 22 to 20. The Honey Badgers leaders were Perry Clark with 7 points, Natalie Whitner had 8 rebounds, and Maggie West played good on both ends of the court. The Dynamite was led by Katelyn Lucas with 17 points.

·         The Whatchamacallitz thwarted Chaos, 20 to 14. The Whatchamacallitz was led by Gracie Driskell with 15 points, Emilie Roberson had 10 rebounds, and Jenna Argo played good defensively. Chaos was led by Anna Goodwin with 9 points.

·         In Division 6, Goodwin’s Team defeated the Hobo Thunder, 16 to 9. Goodwin’s Team was led by Charley Clark with 7 points and Jayla Pettway played great on defense. The Hobo Thunder was led by Keelie Yowe with 4 points and Natalee Garrett was the top rebounder.

·         The Swish shut out Frostie’s Shakes, 11 to 0.