Hill, board a good example to follow

Shelby County Board of Education member Peg Hill, one major reason for Shelby County’s lofty status among state education systems, was honored Dec. 9 by being named to the 2011 All-State School Board.

Hill, who has worked for years as a member of the board, was honored for her numerous contributions on the local level and the state level.

It’s a testament to Shelby County’s school system that a board member was so honored; it’s also a testament to the school board’s teamwork.

Every parent who has a child in Shelby County schools should give thanks for such a hardworking board of education, and as Alabaster officials accept school board applications, their focus should be on building a strong group of people who can effectively lead Alabaster’s fledgling school system — much like Hill and company do for the Shelby County system.

Alabaster City Council member Scott Brakefield said the city has received 15-20 applications for the board so far. Brakefield also said the applications represent a variety of backgrounds, including finance, education and other fields.

That’s a good start for the Alabaster board of education, which will need to bring in several different perspectives to make sure all Alabaster children are well-served.

We encourage the Alabaster City Council members to do their research and take their time before selecting their final five to serve on the board.

These initial five board members will set the course for the Alabaster system. Who they are and how well they work together will determine whether the road the Alabaster system travels will be rocky or smooth.

The We Say is the opinion of the Shelby County Reporter editorial board.