LNLC kids warm Scrooge’s heart

Students and teachers at the LNLC put on their CHristmas production on Dec. 16 in Pelham. This year's production was "A Christmas Carol." (Reporter Photo/Jon Goering)

By NEAL WAGNER / City Editor

Students at Pelham’s Linda Nolen Learning Center transported a full auditorium of spectators through Scrooge’s history, present and future Dec. 15 during the school’s production of “A Christmas Carol.”

Nearly every student at the school had a part in the Christmas performance, which is held at the school every year a few days before the holiday break.

The play chronicled the transformation of “Cecelia Scrooge,” who was portrayed by LNLC secretary Cecelia Woods. At the beginning of the play, Scrooge was an outspoken opponent of Christmas, but was spreading the holiday joy after receiving visits from the spirits of Christmas past, present and future on Christmas Eve.

“The kids really did a great job with it,” Woods said. “I was just there to help them, but they are really the ones who put it together.”

“Our students and parents put in a lot of work to get ready for today,” said LNLC Assistant Principal Sharyn Hillin.

Students in Brook McGill’s and Sybil Johns’ classes portrayed townspeople, Jada Roberson and Mikayla Woods played Rizzo, Kh’Lari South played Charles Dickens, Robbie Cunningham portrayed Bob Cratchit, Tyler Nevin played Mr. Applegate, Nick Schilleci played Fred and Cole Williams and Justin Beery portrayed members of the Salvation Army.

Justin Roe played Jacob Marley, Kay Parker played the Spirit of Christmas Past, Collin Kimbrell and Luke Borkent portrayed Mr. Fizziwinks, Krissy Burkes-Moore played young Scrooge, Grady Ross portrayed Ebeneezer, Michael Smith acted as the Spirit of Christmas Present and Emily Lawson, Alex Edwards and Bailey Durrett portrayed the Cratchit children.

Lauren Shipman played Lauren Cratchit, Caymen McLaurin acted as Tiny Tim Cratchit, Brandon Erwin and Will Bishop portrayed funeral workers, Patrick McLeod acted out the Spirit of Christmas Future, Brent Hastings played a boy on the street, students in Noelle Koval’s class, Katie Boyd’s class, Kelly Godwin’s class, Byrne Sanders’ and Marilyn Benson’s class portrayed workers and students in Kim Lolley’s class portrayed kids at Fizziwinks.

Students in Michaelle Ledlow’s, Laura Calhoun’s and Michael Jones’ classes served as poets in scene 1, kids in Koval’s, Boyd’s, Sanders’ and Katie Crook’s classes served as poets in scene 2 and students in Laura Wren’s class were poets in scene 5.

Kids in Todd Crenshaw’s and Kay Masters’ classes were poets in scene 6 and kids in Michele Murray’s class were poets in scene 7.